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Irrigation solenoid of IrriRich is innovative automatic solenoid designed for solenoid valve. In this catalogue, users will find technical specifications of the new solenoid operators, designed by YAOFENG Company for highest performance in irrigation systems.
Irrigation solenoid from IrriRich are manufactured in a variety of models: including 2 way, 3 way, Latch and an optional Built-in 2Wire Decoder/solenoid(DIAS)
Irrigation solenoid of IrriRich is sold to more than 15 countries, at the same time we also cooperate with many famous international irrigation companies, We have our own team of experts who design electromagnet technology, And through communication with many engineers in Israel who study electromagnets, the quality of our irrigation electromagnets is far ahead in China.

2-Way Solenoid Actuator

 Operator Type Wires Color Model Number Current(A)    Inrush Current(A)    Holding
2w N.C. 12VDC Black/Black S391D1GXW 12VDC N.C 0.28 0.28 
2w N.C. 24VDC  Red/Red S391D1GXW 24VDC N.C  0.12 0.12 
2w N.C. 24VAC  Black/Black  S391D1GXW 24VAC N.C  0.25(50Hz/60Hz) 0.18(50Hz/60Hz) 
2w N.C. 110VAC  Red/Red  S391D1GXW 110VAC N.C   0.10(50Hz/60Hz)  0.60(50Hz/60Hz) 
2w N.C. 220VAC  Red/Red  S391D1GXW 220VAC N.C   0.054(50Hz/60Hz)  0.035(50Hz/60Hz) 

2-Way Latch Solenoid

 Operator Type Wires Color Model Number Coil Resistance A(mm)
2w 4-9VDC Red/Black S392C1HXW 42
2w 6-40VDC Red/Black S392C1HXW 42
2w 9-30VDC Red/Black S392C1HXW 48

3-Way Solenoid Actuator

 Operator Type Wires Color Model Number Current(A)    Inrush Current(A)    Holding
3w N.O. 24VAC Red/Brown 3W-D-NO-24VAC 0.15(50Hz) 0.15(50Hz)
      0.14(60Hz) 0.14(60Hz)
3w N.C. 24VAC   Red/Blue  3W-D-NC-24VAC  0.17(50Hz) 0.17(50Hz)
      0.16(60Hz)   0.16(60Hz)  
3w-R-N.O. 24VAC   Red  3W-R-NO-24VAC  0.50(50Hz)  0.25(50Hz) 
      0.42(60Hz)  0.18(60Hz) 
3w N.O. 24VDC   Black 3W-D-NO-12VDC 0.12 0.12
3w N.O. 12VDC  Blue 3W-D-NO-12VDC 0.28 0.28

3-Way Latch Solenoid

 Operator Type Wires Wires Color  Model Number  Coil Resistance 
3w 9-12VDC 2 Red/Black  3w-9/12 VDC-Latch 5.2Ω 
3w 9-30VDC 2 Red/Black  3w-9/30 VDC-Latch  9Ω 
3w 9-30VDC 3 Red/Black/White 3w-9/30 VDC-Latch  9Ω